A Guide to Making your Home Feel More Contemporary

August 25th, 2014 - Posted in Architecture

We all want to make the most of our homes and, if you love contemporary looks, you’ll, no doubt, wish to add a more modern feel to your abode. In this case, I’d recommend you read my suggestions on how to revamp your property with a contemporary twist.

contemporary home

• Swap curtains for blinds

When I think of curtains, large family homes spring to mind. Curtains remind me of cosy living rooms and open fires, so they don’t seem to really have much of a place in modern homes. Instead, I’d take down the curtains and swap them for blinds.

You can find a variety of blinds available these days, so you can pick the ideal one for your house, whether that’s a Venetian, Roman, woven, blackout or wooden set. Which one you choose is likely to depend on what room you put them in, for instance, I’d love to have blackout blinds in my bedroom so I can really enjoy a long lie in on the weekends, shielded from the sunlight outside.

• Create mood lighting with lamps

Lots of people use lamps in their homes these days to create a relaxing atmosphere. Whether I have guests round or not, I always love softly-lit rooms. Coming home from work at the end of the day, I try to avoid putting the main light on and instead switch on a couple of lamps to help me unwind and to get into the mood for the evening.

Of course, with guests there, I’d also use the lamps, switching them on with a couple of church candles too for a warm ambience. The favourite lighting feature of my home is my lantern with a Moroccan lampshade. I love the way these simple accessories can completely change the look of your room; contemporary homes typically have minimalistic features, but these help to add some warmth and colour to the rooms, bringing them to life.

I also like how you can get ones with different coloured glass panels, so the light reflected is often in varying shades. Don’t forget to look at the patterns carefully when picking your Moroccan lamp, as the light will recreate these details on the walls of your room – which is another thing that I love about these lights.

• Install wooden floors

I love wooden floors, but the great thing about them is that they look good in both period and contemporary properties. Whether you have a Victorian home or an urban flat, wooden floors somehow just fit right in. If you want to make your house or apartment more modern looking, I’d choose a dark-coloured wooden floor.

What’s more, if you go for dark wooden floors, these go well with Moroccan lamps, so you can create a uniform theme in your living room or bedroom. To further enhance the north African atmosphere, you can buy wooden statues or masks, or place authentic African paintings on the wall. However, remember to keep things simple and only put one or two pictures up per room – if you fill the entire space, it can end up looking cluttered and messy.

Whatever you decide to do in your property, make sure you stick to the basic rules of contemporary design: simplicity and minimalism. A cluttered house or flat will instantly age your home, so I would do away with anything that didn’t fit in with the theme and start afresh.

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